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It's always a safe bet for medical marketers, CME providers, pharmaceutical companies etc. to be aware of changing market trends and keep their targeted medical professionals engaged. From sending newsletters on industry updates, to sending invitations for seminars and conferences – there are several ways to engage with medical specialists. But whichever way marketers choose to keep their brand in the limelight, then will have to reach out to their audiences, and that's where we at Healthcare Marketers can help! We have detailed healthcare email databases that connect marketers with targeted medical specialists. The orthopedic surgeon database for instance is one such list that marketers can profit from.

Some of the key features of Healthcare Marketers' orthopedic surgeons' database-

Over 24,823 orthopedic surgeons' email addresses 95% deliverability on email campaigns
Accurate and reliable Authentic and affordable
Socially-verified and updated contacts Updates in every 60 days

In order to deliver results the database of orthopedic surgeons must be up-to-date and accurate. At Healthcare Marketers we have teams therefore who specialize in data collation and compilation and ensure that our orthopedic surgery email marketing list is dually verified, cleansed, updated and robust with data on surgeons from hospitals, clinics, medical colleges, government institutions etc. Since deliverables matter, we also keep the orthopedic surgeons email lists geo-targeted with data on surgeons from the USA, UK, Canada, Europe and other geographies. So if you have been able to maximize campaign revenue, ROI, leads and profits from your regional markets, we recommend purchasing our orthopedic surgeon email addresses now to expand across global markets.

Purchasing our email list of orthopedic surgeons and partnering with Healthcare Marketers moreover will help you in being ahead of competition as well. The healthcare sector is expanding and new drugs and treatment procedures are being invented regularly. Our market presence since a decade has helped us in being aware of market changes – the knowhow which we can share with our clients. While delivering the orthopedic surgeons mailing address database therefore we ensure to keep the list segmented, so that marketers can campaign by categories. With verified data on over 22,199 orthopedics, we believe that adding our orthopedic surgeon mailing lists to your campaign budget is going to help campaigns extensively!

Information Available:

First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Address, City, State/Province, ZIP/Postal Code, Country, Phone, Fax, Employees, Sales, SIC Code, Industry and Web Address.

Type of Practice:

Who is an Orthopedic Surgeon: An orthopedic surgeon is one who is trained in diagnosis and operative treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Some of the conditions affecting joints, muscles and ligaments that they treat include: Arthritis, dislocations, foot and ankle, hand, joint replacement, reconstructive surgery, spine, shoulders and elbows etc.

Our mailing addresses of Orthopedic Surgeons will support your geo-targeted campaigns with data from:

Country based Section:

Geographic Selections:


At Healthcare Marketers we want our clients to get what they pay for when they purchase the orthopedic surgeons email database. It is therefore our guarantee that with this list marketers will have very little to complain about when they roll out campaigns. Our orthopedic surgery mailing addresses can as such be used for Email Marketing, Telemarketing and Direct Mail Campaigns as per campaign budget, audience type and other requirements.

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