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About Us

At Healthcare Marketers we don't believe in bragging about us and our achievements – ut amassing a tele-verified and permission-based healthcare database of over 2 million in a couple of years is no mean feat!

Having touched thousands of businesses, medical marketers, pharmaceutical companies and others involved in the healthcare sector, we at Healthcare Marketers have over the years been able to build a niche client base across geographies that speak of our services and commitment to excellence.

What do We do?

If you are a medical marketer and haven't heard of our services yet, then it's probably time you did! At Healthcare Marketers we don't simply call ourselves “database providers” – though that's how we got noticed! We believe that our clients stand at the front and end of our journey and hence deliver marketing lists and services that are aligned to their business needs and serve their campaign agendas!

The idea behind forming Healthcare Marketers is to work collaboratively with medical marketers and contribute to the healthcare sector in a small but meaningful way. With world population increasing, there are places that lack adequate medical facilities and treatment. At Healthcare Marketers we therefore offer marketers our marketing lists so that they can reach the remotest corners of the world with their medical supplies and pharmaceuticals!

Why choose Healthcare Marketers?

We develop marketing databases for empowering our clients and assisting them in achieving their business goals by channelizing their marketing messages and reaching healthcare professionals and decision makers for promoting their brand and services, expand their market share, acquire new customers and do more. What distinguishes marketing lists at Healthcare Marketers are;

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