Effective Email Marketing Strategies for Healthcare Marketers

The modern digital marketing landscape has countless mediums for marketers to engage with their audiences. You can use social media, SEO, influencer marketing, PPC, and content to build an audience and generate quality leads. However, email marketing strategies remain relevant across industries such as healthcare, where expertise and trust take precedence over quick attention-grabbing.

Healthcare email marketing allows marketers to effectively convey their message to prospects while maintaining a professional outlook. At a time when more than 4 billion users across the globe use email for communication, email marketing can bring leads that convert into paying customers. 

So, let us look at the top seven email marketing strategies that every healthcare marketer must know:

1. Share Educational Content

Prospects today know that most emails that healthcare brands send are trying to sell them a product or a service. If your emails are overly promotional, your subscribers will simply not engage with them. So instead, try to provide value to your audience and educate them. 

You should share content like how-to guides, industry news, case studies, infographics, eBooks, etc., in your educational emails. Such emails are more likely to get your subscribers’ attention as you try to solve their problems. 

Educational emails are one of the best email marketing strategies to bring engagement. It allows you to engage and answer questions that your prospects may have. So, you gain the trust of your subscribers and establish yourself as an industry expert. As a result, you can win more customers and retain them in the long term. 

2. Audience Segmentation 

audience segmentation

The primary reason why healthcare email marketing campaigns struggle with poor engagement metrics is that they lack audience segmentation. Segmentation is a technique that marketers use to divide their email subscribers into segments based on criteria like geography, age, gender, designation, purchase history, etc. 

By segmenting your email subscriber list, you create smaller audience groups with similar needs and wants. As a result, you can effectively deliver the right messages through your email campaigns relevant to your audience. In fact, email subscriber segmentation can boost your email open rates by more than 14%.

The key to successful email marketing segmentation is regular optimization. So, regularly track the performance of your emails and compare KPIs for different emails you share. That way, you can test the effectiveness of your segments and content. At the same time, you can improve the content of your emails for better results. 

3. Email Personalization

Personalization has proven effective in all forms of digital marketing, and email is no different. It can boost click-through rates by around 15%, and that is why email personalization should be in your must-use email marketing strategies list. 

For healthcare email marketing personalization, you will need the latest and most accurate data, like the email and contact list of healthcare brands and professionals. Then, you can use the data to customize the content of your emails. For instance, addressing the recipient by their name in your emails or using a custom subject line can increase engagement of your campaigns over generic emails. 

Personalization is also why you should segment your email lists. Besides, you should also map customer journeys for more targeted email marketing. It allows you to personalize messages depending on the prospect’s stage in the buyer’s journey. 

4. Use Dynamic Templates

You cannot rely on your standard email templates to execute personalized email marketing campaigns effectively. Also, you should not limit personalization to using recipients’ names and custom subject lines. They can limit the scope of personalization and success that it may bring. 

Instead, you must use dynamic email templates for your healthcare email marketing. Dynamic templates allow you to customize every element from header to text and banners to other visuals in a mail for each recipient. 

Dynamic templates save you time and resources, allow you to deliver tailored messages to the recipient, and keep consistency in design. As a result, your emails can boost brand recognition among your subscribers. 

5. Automate Healthcare Email Marketing Campaigns

Automate Healthcare Email Marketing Campaigns

The present healthcare industry landscape is highly competitive as audiences have increasingly lower attention spans. As a result, healthcare marketers face the challenges of creating the right marketing message for each recipient and delivering it at the right time. Considering that you will also have segmented email lists, dynamic templates, and tailored content, you must automate your email marketing. 

Automating healthcare email marketing campaigns makes getting in front of your recipients at the right time easier. For instance, using an email marketing automation tool, you can schedule your emails to actions performed by your audiences, such as sign-ups, checkouts, and abandoned carts. 

6. Optimize for Mobile

Mobile content optimization is one of the most relevant email marketing strategies today. If you want your audience to engage with your emails, you must go where your prospects are. And, no matter the industry, prospects are on their smartphones. 

Mobile screens are significantly smaller than that of a laptop/desktop. So, you must make your email copy click-friendly with ample whitespaces around links and visuals. You can also use large fonts, a simple design with sparse graphics, and more contrasting colors around the CTA. Besides, use mobile-responsive templates that change the content depending on the device recipients use. 

Wrapping Up

email marketing

Although, email is still a popular channel for healthcare brands to engage with their audiences and grow their business. But perfecting email marketing can be a difficult feat. So, follow the email marketing strategies given in this blog, and your email campaigns will generate higher email open rates, CTRs, and conversions.   You will need an email list tailored to your healthcare brand to deliver personalized email campaigns to your audience. HealthCare Marketers’ expansive email lists give you access to the latest and most accurate contact database from the healthcare industry. Visit the HealthCare Marketers website to know more.