Top 10 Healthcare Email List Providers in the USA

A proprietary healthcare database is the complete section of medical email lists that is built just to deliver quality in the market. One that serves multiple attributes to its clients like hike in sales, improvement in response and conversion rates, minimized cost in prime communication, surged ROI, etc. is relevant to be chosen for specific programs. 

To create and gain potential email lists, refine your target prospects using data on diagnoses (ICD-9 codes and ICD-10 codes) and procedures (CPT codes). Get millions of reliable, verified & authentic records that include lists of doctors, nurses, dentists, and more!

When choosing a suitable medical email list provider, one must look upon their commitment to quality and proven experience. Check whether they assure you of quality and all their sources and data complies with global standards or not. Ensure that whatever resources you are obtaining from them are collated using trusted or legal sources.  

We have set down 10 healthcare email list providers for your reference:

HC Marketers

By gradually moving towards primary care settings, HC Marketers guarantee clients in delivering quality medical email lists that will make them reach their patients or community with brilliant digital strategy. They have had their hands in the market for a long time that speaks of their commitment to service delivery to excellence. One will get segmented lists for any category related to medicine, like Doctors Email List,  Nurses Email List, Physicians Email List, etc.

Lake B2B

Lake B2B has always been able to brilliantly make a mark across the global market with its best technological innovations. Any industry that revamps its digital marketing strategy, makes immense benefits, both in terms of prospect engagement and revenue. Almost all industries are served by Lake B2B, and ample solutions for growth are also made available to clients.

Various data management and data enhancement options are available to customers so that they can achieve the ROI they seek and reach the right target segment. To match your niche requirements as well as maximize your communication in the market, grab their insightful lists that have the most ideal data. Some email lists include Endocrinologists Email List, Healthcare Email List, HospitalEmail List, etc.

Top Healthcare Leads

Meticulously verified with prescriptive intelligence healthcare email lists and a comprehensive suite of marketing solutions is what all one can own for themselves with Top Healthcare Leads.
They enable you to connect with target prospects by bringing one-step solutions for all your data challenges that generate more revenue, quality leads, all at the same time for you.

Popular email lists that can let you unlock the value of their data for medical databases include Pharmacies Email List, Massage Therapists Email List, Hospital Management Consulting Email List, etc.   For effective business communication within the healthcare sector, Top Healthcare Leads spend trillions for providing databases across niche markets.

 OneKey Data

The next generation OneKey helps organizations connect to a single reference data standard, extend their coverage of affiliations & healthcare professionals, and understand customer value, access & potential. To power downstream commercial applications, all the information that life sciences & pharmacy companies need is trusted and authentic for delivering seamlessly. To propel healthcare businesses forward, OneKey is derived from powerful integration processes & best-of-breed data collection methods to assure its customers about compliance and the level of accuracy required.


For new possibilities and paths, Iqvia is here with an expansive portfolio of unparalleled data, technologies and capabilities & global healthcare expertise that helps you drive better results and healthcare forward by creating intelligent connections. They can help you today with their multi-facets solutions such as R&D, Commercialization, Technologies, Integrated Global Compliance, etc. Iqvia has a good hand in creating breakthrough solutions for enabling an effective and modern healthcare system that can transform patient and business outcomes.

Zoom Info

Another top healthcare email list provider in the USA, on which businesses can rely to identify and close ideal buyers list is Zoom Info, which has got data-driven solutions to hit prospects’ numbers. Their data & platform supports growth within enterprise organizations as well as easily integrate into marketing technologies, common sales, and custom applications. Zoom Info empowers each phase of clients’ go-to-market strategy by providing them with a 360° view of their ideal prospects and drives their ability to exceed those goals.

MMS Lists

To achieve the ROI and results you want, MMSLists makes it easier for you with their human-touch, high-tech capabilities. Their healthcare email lists are double permission opt-ins, designed to give freedom to manage email marketing, cost-effective to drive better results, inspire engagement to get you desired outcomes, and everything you need to get success in the market. They stand for building lasting relationships with a unique combination of client commitment.

Data Axle USA

Data Axle provides its customers with creative solutions for marketing and preparing lists for their businesses to make them reach their target audience. Everything one needs to expand their business in the market as well as catch the eye of every client is offered by Dataaxleusa. Driving real-time business intelligence is one of the attributes that attract clients to work with them.

Definite Healthcare

They provide leading intelligence to the customers by identifying opportunities, understanding landscapes, and making them reach the right points smartly, in a constantly changing market. They help clients in navigating complex healthcare environment through the supply of unparalleled market analytics and sales intelligence. They are dedicated to issuing comprehensive information to the prospects, and pillar for their future success ensures that their mission is lucid of promoting healthy work-life balance.


Another healthcare email list provider that will unleash your potential with sales Intel and trusted B2B contact records is DiscoverOrg. With real-time buying signals, their data coverage also is very particular for prospects that generate more leads for customers.

At last, choose a healthcare email list provider that contacts your data for better sales and marketing as well as unlocks market results with data-driven solutions, according to your growth goals.

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