Healthcare Executives

Marketing To Nurses Amidst The Corona Virus

Looking for nurses to help fight the COVID-19 crisis? Read more to find out effective strategies for marketing to nurses amidst the coronavirus crisis. Nurses and doctors working for unimaginable hours without proper equipment that is almost every hospital in the city of New York right now. Doctors are devoting 16 hours shifts, while nurses continue to work even more. However, more is not enough right now.

Healthcare Executives
  • Caring for our sufferers and staff. Health care executives which include doctors, and nurses keep supplying care to the susceptible New Yorkers who rely on us, which includes people with COVID-19, to ensure they adequately get hold of the care they want.
  • Supporting our community. These medical executives take care of sufferers withinside the domestic and community, which allows alleviating the stress on New York hospitals and makes desperately required beds to be had for the vital sufferers who want them.
  • Protecting our future. Their dedication to being concerned is matched each day through New Yorkers’ electricity and resilience. We recognize that what we do withinside the coming months will long be remembered, and we recognize that that is a marathon, now no longer a sprint.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare staff and home health aides from the Care division have remained on the job, continuing to do the crucial work of keeping New Yorkers healthy and at home in these challenging times!

They are committed to keeping all patients safe. Thanks to the initial delivery of protective equipment, these doctors, nurses, and other healthcare worker staff are safely caring for COVID-positive patients. This allows hospitals to discharge COVID-19 patients —and makes hospital beds available to those who desperately need them.

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